Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fall planting

So behind in my posts, but in pretty good shape for fall planting. Several weekends ago, I planted the hundred daffodils from Van Bourgondien, and replanted the day lilies. Planted the ipheion to extend the existing patch (forgot that I had meant to plant them in the front garden, but next year is another chance). Tommy crocuses under the maple tree and in the front garden. Dogtooth violets in the front garden. The four very expensive daffodils from Brodie Castle (smuggled in the luggage) next to the trellis by the terrace. Narcissus 'Dreamlight and English bluebells amongst the hostas in front of the trellis...

Ran over to Alison's with the bulbs that had been sitting in my back seat for weeks, somewhat the worse for wear, but managed to plant at least a few Jack Snipe, Sun Disc and Sweetness narcissus under her Chinese holly, plus the anemones I bought from Sydney as a fundraiser.

Tomorrow promises to be rainy all day with up at a quarter inch expected, so I have just left everything in the ground and trust to the weather gods.


This is a long overdue post celebrating the fall color this year. The yellows were the most intense of all, surpassing the reds that were so stellar last year. Here's a sampling: balloonflower, amsonia, chrysanthemum, hickory...


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