Saturday, November 21, 2009

London Favorites

The books I bought


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Sunday lunch in front of the fire

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Indian food at Masala Zone


Strolling through St. James's Park


Poppies everywhere

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Seeing the royals zooming back to Buckingham Palace (too fast for a picture)

Stone curls on the Assyrian man-bull


Extinct species decorating one side of the Museum of Natural History (living species on the other)

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Becky said...

I wonder if the statue in the last picture is the one in Stonehenge that the main character broke and it came alive! I'm going to have to check the book, but I'm pretty sure it was that kind of creature and I know it was on the side of a museum!

Caroline said...

You know, I did think of Stoneheart as we walked along the Embankment. I should re-read it now while the memories of London are still fresh!