Sunday, November 7, 2010

What we ate

pickled mackerel
galette with cheese and a soft-boiled egg
duck confit
salade aux noix
apple compote with whipped cream

lamb shanks with zucchini and tomato
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crepes Grand Marnier at Cafe le Nemours near the Louvre

hot chocolate from Angelina's

cheese, not just on the food walk, but with our wine before dinner every evening
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deux coupes de champagne at Cafe Deux Magots

bone marrow at Poules au Pot

Croque Madame at a cafe in Montmartre

restorative cups of tea
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beautiful composed salads, this one from Cafe Deux Magots
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pistachio macarons
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muesli, demi-creme (half-skim) and croissants for breakfast

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