Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gardening errors

This year I thought I'd try to have bulbs in bloom in this pot for a month or more. The blue hyacinths (Blue Jacket and Sky Jacket) were okay, but I decided that they need to be at eye level for the fragrance to be noticeable.

At the moment, Salome is in bloom, and I like its delicacy, but the color seems almost too faded. The yellow and purple pansies are too strident for the colors of spring bulbs - the pale yellow and blue in other parts of the garden work much better.

Here's an example of planting things in the exact wrong place. The Thalia daffodils are right in front of the white bleeding heart. I will need to pull them out later this spring and consider something small like anemones instead. OR, move the bleeding heart, as I have been meaning to do, since it's almost hidden under the white azalea.
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