Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Getting Things Done

    Laid out new bed on north side of house, and Billy tilled in a bag of pelletized lime and two yards of compost (= 27 forty-pound bags); it looks awfully bare now, but it's a big improvement over unhappy Japanese holly bushes and lots of moss

    Moved the Japanese painted fern to the other side of the front bed and put three Brunnera Jack Frost in their place, after moving one of the Hakonechloa to a new spot

    Planted the single cimicifuga I got from Wayside, after being scared by its price and size out of buying three - may live to regret this

    Weeded dandelions and that pesky weed (what is this thing? it's all over the front garden, and now it's spread to the back)out of the front flower beds

    Put peony support in, should have done this earlier (note to self: insert in early April)

    Planted two of the three tuberous begonias I bought on Route 20 in a new pot I just bought at Roxbury Mills; this is the triumph of hope over experience, but it's been so long since I've tried tuberous begonias that perhaps a miracle will occur

    Laid a bag of river stones along the drainage channel of the new bed, like the effect and will need to buy more; also get some for drainage channel in side front garden

    Ordered a rain barrel from the Friends of the Rappahannock, should arrive in three weeks

    Picked up two 40-pound bags of mushroom compost at Roxbury just because

    Placed the three lilies of the valley and the six dragon-wing begonias on the new bed

    Pulled up four stepping stones from the path to the gate and placed them in the new bed leading up to the faucet

    A week off is a wonderful thing...

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