Friday, September 14, 2007


Late summer colors can be harsh, but the blooms can be so lush. Here is the crape myrtle, one of the series developed at the National Arboretum. Maybe Choctaw?  
At the end of the driveway is a wild aster with starry white flowers in the fall. This year, another plant joined it, and I decided to wait and see what would result. It seems to be some kind of goldenrod, tall and flowing.

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Here's a close-up of one bloom. This is an example of my tendency to just let things grow and see what they turn out to be - I'm not a good planner when it comes to the garden. I would actually like to see both these plants in the sunny garden, where they would add scale. Maybe I'll move them... but probably not.

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The morning glory on the shed continues to be delightful, with occasional blooms of Heavenly Blue, purple and now white.

Off to Quebec tomorrow for hiking and perhaps some early fall color!


Jen said...

Hi Candy,

All of the pictures from your most recent post wouldn't load on my computer. I'm curious about your crape myrtle. Are they super-hardy? Sun? Part shade? I saw tons of them at the NJ shore this summer and want a really garish hot pink one.

Caroline said...

Hi, Jen, I hope you can see the photos now - this is the third time I have posted them! AArgh. Anyway, you can see (I hope) that the crape myrtle is nicely garish. I thought of Henry Mitchell and avoided the genteel white in favor of pink. They tolerate drought and like full sun (which mine doesn't quite get), but I don't know how cold-hardy they are. I don't remember seeing them much till I came to Virginia. Good luck, let me know if you get one!