Monday, September 3, 2007

Late Summer Colors


Blue potatoes from Cub Creek Farm were the inspiration for a red, white and blue potato salad for Labor Day. Here they are in the pot, ready to boil.
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I got this dahlia at Roxbury Mills on a whim, finally took it out of the bag and planted it, and it's blooming despite my neglect (I should have staked it long since, for example). Martha is trying to persuade me that dahlias are not the artificial dinner plates I suspect them of being, and this dahlia (wish I had recorded the variety) may just do it! I love the dark red color and the precision of its petals.

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Digging around in the back yard (planted the sweetspire and mulched some beds-to-be), I found this purple acorn. The little green ones are starting to shower down on the terrace with a startling bang when they hit the metal table. The maple leaf is from the tree in the front of the house. Though it doesn't have the brilliant color of a sugar maple, it does offer pale yellow, citron green and red.

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