Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My New Favorites

These are my new favorites, mostly because they are doing just what they're supposed to do (rather than turning yellow or dying, for example) and look so beautiful.

Tiarella 'Mercury Stargazer' has striking leaves, deeply cut and variegated in a good way. The pale pink, fluffy blooms are just a wonderful bonus. So good that I had to return to Meadows Farms and buy two more.

Then there is the modestly beautiful baptisia australis, which should withstand drought and get bigger every year. A little hard to see here, but aren't the blue flowers pretty in front of the lambs' ears?

This is the itea 'Henry Garnet' getting ready to bloom. So delicate and beautiful, I have to visit it every day to watch its progress. Look carefully, and you can see the little drooping spires of bloom just starting.

I have recently added geraniums to the mix, and I love them. On the left is geranium 'Rozanne,' which I also went back to buy more of. Now there are three along the walkway.

This is an unnamed one I got from a gardener at the farmer's market last year. It's much taller than Rozanne and has delightful streaks of blue against the white.

There are plenty of disappointments in the garden, but these are a few of the joys.

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