Sunday, July 6, 2008


The fragrant lilies I got from EAP et al. have been a delight! I planted several in the back cutting garden, where they didn't really get enough sun to be happy, but they bloomed nevertheless. The ones in the side cutting garden did better, and now the ones in the front garden are slowly coming into bloom.

Their heavy, sweet aroma is so heavenly - I've put the cut flowers in the bathroom since you can barely stand to eat if they're in the dining room or the kitchen.

Also on the verge of blooming are the tiger lilies and the black-eyed susans. The orange daylilies have been in bloom for a few weeks.

The pots have come into their own, very satisfactory. Then for some reason I randomly bought nasturtiums at C&T and planted them on the back trellis, where their *orange* blossoms clash mightily with the pinks of the begonias.

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Becky said...

They're beautiful. I've never been a huge fan, but some came with the house and they are amazing!