Sunday, April 19, 2009

Eating the Elephant

During these days off devoted to the garden, I am vowing to chip away (literally) at the brush pile and turn it into delicious compost. Here's a look at the progress

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after day one

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and after day two.

The chipper is heavy and noisy, and visions of Fargo dance in my head, but it starts reliably and gobbles up just about anything as long as it's got lots of dry leaves to swallow. If I can get the pile down to a manageable size before it gets too hot, it's time to think about a real compost system instead of these ridiculous plastic things that are not even as slick as this.

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ellsworth said...

Reading about your plants and efforts makes me feel like I'm standing next to Tolstoi and saying, "I write books too!" I have petunias, gardenias, zinnias, and four o'clocks!