Sunday, April 12, 2009


This is the year I fell in love with hellebores. I've had a good-sized clump under the oak tree for so long that I no longer remember where I got it or what kind it is. I've transplanted an offset to the other side of the oak tree with plans to keep spreading them about under there. Here it is last February.
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Then last year, I found a Pine Knot select at Winterthur that I planted in the front garden, and a 'Royal Heritage' hybrid that I moved from the walkway garden to the (formerly) white garden last fall.

Here's what I like about them: they bloom when nothing else does; their leaves are substantial and even (Royal Heritage) elegant; they make terrific cut flowers that last and last and give you a chance to actually view and enjoy their flowers; and they are modestly beautiful.

Margaret Roach likes them, too.

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