Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lost and Found

Sorry, Judy, but the beautiful Japanese shears you gave me, that I adored, that went missing, that I feared had ended up in the compost pile...did end up in the compost pile. R.I.P.
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On a happier note, I've located both the Felco pruners (in the bottom of a pile of boxwood clippings headed for the shredder) and the plain old scissors (lying on the ground). But I really miss those shears...


Judy Parr said...

Hah! I've lost a pair of shears too (not the ones you gave me) plus a wonderful scraper tool.

Did you know Daddy lost a pair of glasses in the mulch pile? By the time he unearthed them, the frames were all twisted from the heat.

Caroline said...

Yes, that is a famous story. I hope my new compost pile will get hot enough to do that - not that I plan to put my glasses in there, but you never know.