Thursday, June 10, 2010

Who is eating my plants??

Eaten to date: two parsley plants, two calendulas, a tithonia, and a whole planting of pole beans. Whoever does it seems to chew the leaves in to the stems. Here's a picture of the pathetic tithonia, standing tall but entirely leafless.

As for the beans, here they are young and fresh and full of hope:
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and here they are today, almost completely gone.
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Going online is no help because everyone has a different theory. I think it must be bugs. A rabbit would hardly have eaten the beans in the cedar barrel and left the ones in the ground alone. Time to check Barbara Damrosch and see what she says.

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Judy Thomas said...

I believe it was the cute bunny rabbit. I have to cage many of the same plants or rabbits chomp them right down.