Sunday, March 27, 2011

In Which We Get Into Hot Water, And Then Get Out Again

Hot Water Beach is well known - our hotel posted the times of low tide so that you could plan your trip accordingly. The thing to do is to bring or rent a little spade, come to the beach at low tide, and dig a hole.

The beach has thermal springs below, and at low tide they permeate the sand. All you have to do to enjoy a natural spa is to dig a hole and get in.

Of course, when they say hot water they ain't foolin. It was really hot! We failed to bring a spade but found that we could take over abandoned holes and sit without effort. We couldn't sit comfortably for very long, so after about fifteen minutes we were ready for the next thrill.

Here's the gorgeous beach, with suitably cold water lapping at the steamy shore.

From here we drove along to the entrance to Cathedral Cove.

This was on the list because it's said to be a short but beautiful walk along the shore and through a hole in the rock. We got to the starting point here, where we had beautiful views.


But we weren't really in the mood for a walk, partly because access was partially closed off, and also because a friendly returning couple told us it was a rocky trip and you couldn't quite get to the lookout point. So we put it on the list for next time, and enjoyed the views from where we were.

Cabbage tree, sea, clouds, beach

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