Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pottery in the garden


Our last day was a leisurely one. We were headed for Hot Water Beach but decided to take a detour and stop at the pottery we had noticed on our way to Coromandel Town.


Alan Rhodes Pottery uses local clay for their pots, and we bought one for [redacted until March 29]. Sharing a driveway with Rhodes is another pottery, this one featuring a hand-built adobe house and playful gardens. Julie invited us to look around and told us a little about the place.

Here's a look at the outside. Inside the colors are strongly reminiscent of New Mexico, with lots of bold turquoise and burnt orange.

You can see lots more about the house and the story of the artists in this article.

We loved the birds dotted about the garden, and I had to get one for my own.

Another part of the garden had these interesting statues standing guard.

Here's a pokeko peeking out between the leaves,

and here's another one in a bird bath.

We stopped for lunch at Colenso,

which had been recommended by our fellow hikers the day before, and we saw more of the birds for sale in their garden.

We had a pleasant Sunday lunch outdoors, including a delicious salad - but why do the kiwis always serve them in these little bowls?

A most delightfully serendipitous interlude. Next up: we get into hot water.

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