Sunday, May 6, 2007

Grubbing out

In yesterday's Post, Joel Lerner recommends cutting forsythia down to two feet to renew it. "They'll have long, flowing stems full of blooms next spring," he claims. Plus, if I decide to remove or greatly diminish this overgrown clump in the back corner, this should make it easier.

Here are the before and after pictures.

He also recommends digging up tulips because they don't reliably return, but then commands us to save them and re-plant in November. Seems way too hard to me, and why bother? I liked the Corps de Ballet collection from WFF, but I planted them too far apart and they're not listed as reblooming, so I may be bold and profligate and pull them up. I can always replant them in the cutting garden in case they make an effort to return next year.

Since we had a gentle rain yesterday (and it felt so cold in the house that I turned the heat on!), today should be a good day for digging weeds, moving bulbs, and whacking back the forsythia and azaleas.

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