Tuesday, May 15, 2007

This and that

Lots of blue in the sunny garden: columbine, nepeta, amsonia just getting started, tradescantia. And then there's the amazing sage, with flowers of pale blue, pale pink and white, all on the same plant.

Ruthlessly tore out the pot on the front steps, saving the bulbs for the cutting garden, and replanted in shades of pink and purple (impatiens, purple sweet potato vine, dusty miller, ivy, petunia). I love the intensity of the purple wave petunia. With any luck the coleus in the middle will add height which is lacking at the moment. But I'm pleased with the colors:

Odds and ends: put in three basil plants, cleome (probably white?), and pale yellow marigolds in the front and worked in a bag of mushroom soil; sowed a mesclun mix from Renee's in the long pot on the steps; pruned the azaleas in the front; planted white impatiens in the white garden; staked the clematis around the mailbox, it's about to pop and I should have done this a month ago; enjoyed the lone yellow iris bloom, the others are all sitting there quietly having been divided last summer but apparently now paralyzed*; tried to pull out as much of the bishop's weed as I could get at, but I fear it's a losing battle.

We had a wild thunderstorm Saturday night that left the garden drenched, thank goodness. I noticed that the dry stream bed I put in place in the new bed was totally ignored by the water, which of course finds its own level and veered across the bed and down. Perhaps the rain barrel from the Friends of the Rappahannock will solve that problem.

*Sue Shackelford, the iris gardener I know from Jazzercise, reassured me that this is expected after division, with the well-known saying, "first year sleep, second year creep, third year leap." Just wait till 2010!!

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