Saturday, June 2, 2007

The June Garden

It's been dry, dry, dry, Dulles reporting the least rainfall ever for the month of May. I've watered the front gardens and the white garden although I feel guilty about it, but I have to keep that bloodroot alive!

Here's a piece of garden statuary that finally has a home on the weathered fence.

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And just across from it is the oakleaf hydrangea 'Snowflake' that has traveled around the garden - first under the oak tree, then along the fence in the white garden - until finding its final resting place (I hope) next to the back door. It's drooping just a bit, so I may sneak out and give it a drink later today.

Thunderstorms are promised for Sunday, but what we really need is a good, soaking rain. * which we got all day on Sunday, thanks to tropical storm Barry. 1 1/3 inches!

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