Friday, June 29, 2007

Tropical beauties

I've been away the last few weekends and will be away this weekend, too. But here are a few pix of what's in bloom. First, my experiment with Mandevilla, which everyone in the world already has but I have just added this year.

I chose a white one because that's what Mom had and I had some faint hope that once I found one I could bring it up to Pennsylvania for her, but that's not very likely. Anyway, here it is, and the blossoms are almost as creamy white as Datura.

Aunt Betsy's double day lilies are in bloom in all their wild glory. If the day lilies are in bloom it must be close to the Fourth of July.
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I saw Bonnie Trahan at the Giant this afternoon, and she reminded me that the blackberry lilies she gave me last summer should bloom around the Fourth. I'll look for them next week.

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