Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Gardening in Bethlehem

An emergency visit to Bethlehem that ended well included a visit to Judy's garden, once my parents' domain. They gardened full-time for twenty years after retirement, so it's a bit much for one person with children at home and a job. But Judy makes it look beautiful still. Here's the woodland border with cimicifuga, Japanese painted ferns, azalea, and climbing hydrangea in the very back of the photo, reaching to the sky.

And here's another picture of the climbing hydrangea going up a tree.

The vegetable garden is lush, and Judy has planted big-leaved things like this zucchini.
Here are the raspberry bushes with the shed in the background. They were bearing beautifully this weekend and we ate them every day.

Nasturtium as it should be.
Monarda in the perennial border
Judy, with a winsome smile, cutting flowers for the house.

Judy's dining room table

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