Sunday, July 15, 2007

Beautiful bugs

Deadheading the hostas, I found this elegant little creature, which I think is a tree hopper.
I was on the lookout for snakes, but instead found this praying mantis - at least, I think it is, despite the fact that it's brown rather than green. Could it be a walking stick?
And this was such an interesting spider web, with its ladder-like section, that I had to take a picture. I am clueless about what it is.
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Martha said...

Mother emailed this morning to say she had enjoyed reading your blog and here's what she had to say about the spider: "Also looked at Caroline's blog and might suggest her spider if an orb weaving spider called St. Andrew's cross. If she googles that name, she'll be able to compare closely. We get lots of writing spiders here, and I'm always fascinated with what they write. Perhaps it will be ZZZZZZZ tonight, in honor of Harry Potter."

Too right about the astilbe and rhododendron!

Caroline said...

Thanks to your mother for this identification! I am fascinated that I have a writer in my garden (just like Charlotte, I assume?). I will let you know if she writes again.