Thursday, July 26, 2007

After, Part Two: The terrace is finished!

Won't you come into my garden? Here is the new path from the driveway. Lots of room for some low plantings along the edge, plus opportunities for trailing things along the low wall.

Here is the view from the gate looking toward the shed..

The view from the back door...

From the terrace looking back up the path, you will notice the wrong gate. The carpenter did almost exactly what I asked, so I can't fault him. But he started the half-moon too low on the gate, and the cut is not smooth. I think this is a mistake and have already decided to have them re-do the gate with a straight cut just a foot shorter than the fence. That will still give a tantalizing glimpse of the garden (I hope) without looking so fussy.

The path and the stone wall may be my favorite parts of this project. (The wall above will need to be re-painted.)

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Now that the terrace is installed, the trellis no longer looms oddly in the landscape like something from 2001.

I am very pleased and can't wait to work on planting ideas!

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Becky said...

It's so lovely Caroline! I especially love the view when you go through the garden gate. I'm so envious of your readily made blank slate and can't wait to see what you add!