Sunday, July 29, 2007

Whole lot of nothing going on

Our drought has been so bad that even the hostas were drooping, and the hellebores had apparently just given up and splayed out on the ground. Then we had a ferocious thunderstorm last night, just about four-tenths of an inch of rain, and everybody's sitting up and taking nourishment again.

However, there's not a whole lot to report. I walked around early this morning and saw that the liles are almost at an end,

the black-eyed Susans are still puny but no longer wilted (another sign of how bad the drought was), the perovskia is still in bloom, etc.

The balloon flowers (playtcodon) have been in bloom for a good week. I like the lower height of the ones I pruned a month or so ago and will remember that for next year. For some reason, they turn their sweet faces away from me, and I have to climb into the garden to enjoy their blooms: white, blue, and this interesting bicolor one.

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