Sunday, June 10, 2007

Levittown, a project, Delaware Valley

A brand new garden reminds me of Levittown, everything bare and new and not very attractive. My own Levittown is the new back garden, which now sports two rhododendrons, a hosta 'Blue Umbrella,' a red epimedium and wild ginger which I think are getting too much sun there, and the white azalea that I finally moved from the front garden. (And when I say "I," I mean that after lots of digging I decided that this is the only azalea that's not shallow-rooted and had to bring in Will to help me pry it loose. It may or may not live, we'll see.)

Sara Toye had some hostas to give away, so I planted them in the oak tree garden. Here they are looking very puny and new along with the Green Dragon plant from Lin, a transplanted hellebore, and a transplanted astilbe that was desperately trying to grow under the big, healthy white tradescantia in the top left of the picture.

Will also helped me to install the rain barrel from the Friends of the Rappahannock.
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Not beautiful, but it will look better once I get some shrubs to soften up that corner. Now I want it to rain more than ever.

The Delaware Valley white azalea is a classic, always blooming in June and very satisfactory. However, I'm not sure that the three white azaleas I have here still work - they've gotten a bit too big for the space. Maybe I'll ask some new eyes to look at this and decide whether to prune, transplant, or leave them alone.
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