Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pick-up Sticks

The front and back yards are littered with sticks, including most of a squirrel's nest that landed almost intact under the oak tree. Having resurrected the Garden Way cart, I raked and bagged this morning, saving the best ones for next year's kindling. Along the way, I enjoyed what's in bloom on St. Patrick's Day weekend.

The brilliant, piercing blue of Scilla siberica

Early daffodils in front of the shed, a bit rain-battered, their variety long since lost. They're among the earliest bloomers and feature a very pale yellow petal and a striated yellow trumpet with a tiny fringe.

The deeply satisfying blooms of hellebore, big enough to show from the kitchen window, and elegant in bouquets

Wind anemones - originally a mix of pink, blue and white, they've reverted to a sunny blue and spread themselves under the oak tree, where they get good early spring sun. The anemones under the oakleaf hydrangea are puny by comparison, which lets me know not to plant these in shade in future.

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