Saturday, March 15, 2008

Winter hibernation

For the last four months, I've been forcing bulbs but otherwise doing very little in the garden.

Lots of paperwhites - the big ones from WFF are the best

and several amaryllis.The pale green one from Roxbury Mills had a modest flower and then shot up another stalk just the other day. The red ones from Mom had beautiful flowers again, though the stalks are askew and they bloomed late.


Judy gave me some flowering quince when I visited a few weeks ago.

And here's the window garden, with amaryllis in late bloom.

Here are some snapshots of late winter/ early spring at Ferry Farm:
Winter aconite in bloom in February

A single white crocus under the oak tree.


Tommie crocuses (Crocus tommasianus) glowing in the sunlight in February. I plan to plant heaps of them under the maple tree and throughout the lawn this fall.

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Some begonias for my birthday from Mom via Logee's Gardens.

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