Saturday, May 15, 2010

Compost heaven

I've been composting for years, with good success but such a mess! I had one of those brown plastic bins, which was fine but not big enough. It was similar to this one, but not as fancy.

I bought these plastic things that hook together in a circle, allegedly, but always bowed in leaving only a tiny opening for all the stuff.
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I also used big plastic bags to hold shredded leaves.

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In the end, good compost, but the composting area looked like Tobacco Road.

No longer! I've found someone who is building me a real compost bin that will neat, tidy and big enough (I hope) to hold everything. It's from a Lowe's plan, features lids (to come), removable front slats for easy turning (not that I ever turn my compost, but maybe now I'll be inspired), wire sides, and is firmly positioned on top of concrete blocks. Here it is almost completed, and I got the okay to start loading it up.

My only fear is that it's not quite big enough (6' x 3'), but it should take care of most of the mess.

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In the course of moving stuff around and digging out a level space, Gary unearthed a big mound of compost, which I am now delightedly sifting and spreading throughout the garden.

Only a fellow gardener will appreciate how wonderful this is. Plus, the nice man will replace the decaying plywood panels on my Garden Way cart, and he'll build me a potting bench to take the place of the ancient picnic table. (I'm thinking of this plan.) The compost area will be quite spiffy by the time he's done.

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Anonymous said...

Your friend Richard Danca here.

Looking forward to seeing and reading more. Nice tulips!

My brother keeps a special little stainless steel compost pail on his kitchen counter. It holds maybe 1-1/2 gallons and is vented in a way that keeps smells down. When it's full he dumps it in the main compost pile. I depend on walking small items out to the pile once in a while, but not often enough.