Sunday, May 30, 2010

Native Plants garden tour

The Native Plants garden tour last weekend was a rousing success. I joined Pat and Becky to view the Littles' garden (amazing) and several others above the college, then after lunch went on my own to see Cessie Howell's. It was a treat to see real gardens, complete with a few weeds and other evidence that humans made these gardens, and get the chance to talk with the gardener herself. The garden with a hand-dug pond (in shade, no less) was quite amazing. I think my favorite, though, was the garden with the Gold Star Emporium sign, the sculptural sycamore tree and the river of white impatiens going down either side of the lawn. Follow the link (click on the image) to see some beautiful roses, a hidden garden that was not on the tour, and two mystery plants - if you can identify them, let me know!

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