Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tiny (scientific) miracles

The voles seem to have eaten up several hostas and tiarellas, but there are a few survivors among the mix. The Paul's Glory hosta showed itself timidly as I was about to plant June in its place (and did), so I moved the tiny seedling to the bed in front of the shed, where it can perk up the mundanes that grow there. NOTE as of 5/9 - another couple of hostas have reappeared, so maybe the vole damage is not lasting?

The native wild ginger is not as attractive as the silvery speckled European ones, but it certainly is vigorous. And today I found the flowers that bloom below the leaves, giving them the common name "little brown jug."

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the late lamented Carroll Gardens may have been a funny operation, but the owner spoke with great authority, causing me to purchase a rhododendron 'Caroline' purely because he raved about it as "An exceptional Yak hybrid...There is no better Rhododendron than the Caroline....beautiful clusters of blush orchid-toned flowers will cover the evergreen foliage, a display that will take your breath away. Not only pleasing to eye, the subtle fragrance will lightly perfume your entire garden," and so on. Well, I planted it and watched it sit there sullenly, putting forth a few awkward branches, and then today it bloomed. I would not call it a display, but rather one little foretaste of the beauty to come - if I keep it, and if I grow it for many years to come.


But it's pretty darn nice.

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