Sunday, October 7, 2007

Bulb Order 2007, part one

Armed with a list based on bulbs I had read about and those I knew I wanted, I started at Roxbury Mills (buying locally, you see). There I found
    Queen of the Night tulips - side front garden
    Allium Purple Sensation - sunny garden
    Black parrot tulips - pot on steps
    Fritillaria meleagris - walkway garden
    Scilla siberica - oak tree garden or walkway
    Maureen tulip - white, under the oak tree

Then just a few other things crept into the bag:
    Allium azureum - sunny garden
    Amaryllis 'Golden Goddess' - have never tried a yellow amaryllis before

Still on the list, to buy online:

    tulip 'Fringed Rhapsody' - WFF
    Lycoris squamigera - WFF - to plant near the Rudbeckia
    Ipheion (Constellation of Blue Stars from WFF)- walkway
    Allium Mongolian Gem - Klehm's - blooms late summer
    Allium triqueteum - McClure & Zimmerman - oak tree garden
    Mixed lily-flowered tulips - M&Z - front garden
    Modern Rembrandt tulip mix - M&Z - front garden
    'Temple of Beauty' tulip - M&Z - apricot, to interplant with Queen of the Night

Not bulbs, but also on the list

    Helleborus 'Royal Heritage' - for walkway or for under the trellis
    Hakonechloa 'All Gold' - walkway
    Moody Blues hosta collection - WFF - other side of walkway, includes 'Hadspen Blue,' 'Krossa Regal' and 'Elegans,' might just find these individually

and then the lilies...I may have waited too long, but in case I can still get them, the list is:
    Perfumed garden oriental lilies - WFF - never mind, sold out, but look how beautiful they would have been if I had planned ahead:

    Lilium Martagon - Klehm's - white garden
    Lilium 'Black Dragon' - M&Z - sungarden
    Asiatic Lily 'Unique' - can't find this anywhere, rec. by Dianne Benson
    Aurelian Lily 'Amethyst Temple' - ditto
    oriental lilies 'Imperial Gold,' 'Early Beauty,' 'Geisha' and 'Journey's End'
- there are undoubtedly lilies that are just as beautiful and easier to find, but when Dianne says
"You must try...the most marvelous white, pink and red flowers of them all...acquiesce to these wonders"
I can't resist.

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