Saturday, October 20, 2007

Planting in the drought

Last weekend I planted the hostas and hakonechloa, along with numerous bulbs, in the new walkway gardens. Thanks to good preparation of the beds (at least the one along the wall) and lots of mulch provided by Meadows Farms, it was actually a joy to plant there. Unlike the unforgiving clay of the front gardens (which have been enriched repeatedly with compost and shredded leaves), the loose soil in these beds made it a cinch to plant.

I talked to Ellinger last week about the additional carpentry work I want done around the terrace (Meadows Farms has never gotten back to me with an estimate), and Alan says they won't be able to do anything till after the first of the year. In other words, I do need to plant the akebia now. Time to soak the bed and then start digging. I still have some bulbs to put in, which I had better do now or it will never happen.

This certainly is a tedious little posting, so let me liven it up with a close-up picture of the akebia blossom.

And here's what it looks like now.
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