Friday, October 5, 2007

Waterford Fair

We hadn't been to the Waterford Fair for the last two years, so we were glad to be back, despite the unnaturally warm and humid weather. Usually we need to wear socks and sweaters when we start out, but not today - it was foggy, then cloudy, and got up to the 80s. I hate global warming.

Here's a hint of fall: pumpkins on chairs.

This was a gorgeous clump of lobelia (Lobelia siphilitica
great blue?) in a garden that also featured blue salvia and a purple aster. This year (tomorrow?) I really will get some asters to go in the sunny garden.
Heavenly Blue morning glory was the subject of several photographers who wandered by. It's a simple thing but so lovely that I vow to plant some in a sunny spot next year - maybe around the mailbox or trailing up the tuteur?
This garden could only be glimpsed from the street, but I enjoyed the giant ants and the little dog exhorting its compatriots not to set foot in the garden. I like a garden that shows a sense of humor, or at least shows that someone is paying attention. (Not that mine necessarily qualifies.)
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I spent some time on my bulb order on the trip up - at last. Will post more as it comes together.

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