Saturday, April 5, 2008

Only the strong survive - updated

The brunnera 'Jack Frost' has barely survived. One of the three is showing the most brilliant blue flowers, which don't come through in this picture

but do in this one. This is what mine should look like, but I guess the drought got the best of it. At least there's one plant alive, and I will nurse it along.

Update: the other two plants have emerged, tiny as premature babies but one has flowers! This picture of one of the tiny flowerets that fell to the ground comes closer to capturing the cheerful blue of these beauties.

The double bloodroot, bought at great expense and with high hopes, is dead as a doornail. Martha promises me some bloodroot from her mother's Georgia garden, which will ease the pain. (Thank you, Martha!)

The hakonochlea in front are showing golden-green fronds on two out of three plants, while the ones along the side of the house appear to be dead. At least they're not too hard to replace.

But most wonderful of all, I can see shoots of the Solomon's seal that was trampled under the feet of the carpenter last summer! Spring is the time of hope.


Becky said...

The brunnera is beautiful! I have never seen it in bloom before and it's lovely! Becky

Caroline said...

Thank, I only wish mine looked as good as that picture! But with any luck it will survive and thrive and look great in '09!

Martha said...

I love the brunnera too. I'm adding it to my wish list today.