Sunday, April 6, 2008


Perfumed Garden Lilies from White Flower Farm

Yesterday I planted the Perfumed Garden collection of Oriental lilies that Biffy and family gave me for my birthday, half in the sunny garden and half in the cutting garden. I paid attention to the depth of planting, since one of my worst gardening errors is planting things too shallowly. I get discouraged by the heavy clay soil that I need to amend more conscientiously. I hope I've done well by these lilies, they will be beautiful! Now to spend the White Flower Farm gift certificate Biffy gave me for Christmas...

Around St. Patrick's Day, I planted some sugar snap peas, but they are only barely coming up. Maybe there's an advantage to my usual procrastination? Still have to plant the viburnum, maybe this afternoon after the rain has softened up the ground.

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