Sunday, April 13, 2008


I love and adore tulips, especially, given my low taste, the ones that are gorgeously over the top.
I love the Rembrandts...

and the fringed tulips...

and the lily-flowered tulips - why were these sold as a collection, when the pink against the orange makes my teeth hurt?

and the purply blacks - this one allegedly a parrot, but I doubt it (would McClure & Zimmerman steer me wrong??)

...and the plain old yellow ones from the cutting garden that swoon and swell in the vase.

But then there are the chaste joys of single tulips of a single color,



and white.

I love to put a few in a glass vase in front of the bathroom mirror, where they quietly multiply.

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Becky said...

I love tulips too, Caroline, but apparently so do deer. So I don't have to go without I've decided to try the strategy where you hide something deer like in the middle of something they don't. I did inherit some incredible white tulips on the patio that they haven't bothered so far, but they haven't bloomed here yet.