Sunday, July 26, 2009

Class notes

It's ee-volution, igg - yoo - ahna, and glahss - ee - er.

My list of books keeps growing, from A Feeling for the Organism by Evelyn Fox Keller to Sex, Botany and Empire by Patricia Fara, about Linnaeus and Joseph Banks and a must-read for Kew, according to Emma.

Also: The Norton Critical Edition of Darwin, Steve Jones' Darwin's Island, Charles Darwin's Autobiographies, Darwin by Tim Lewens, Charles Darwin by Michael Ruse in the Blackwell Great Minds series, Virolution by Frank Ryan, Reading the Story in DNA by Lindell Bromham (I really want this one), Evolution: what the fossils say and why it matters by Donald R. Prothero, Doubting Darwin? by Sakotra Sarkar, The Rough Guide to Evolution and Darwin's Luck.

I am torn between rushing out to Blackwell's and buying every one, and being more sensible and getting them at home once I get back.

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