Thursday, July 2, 2009

The hikers take a walk

Four of the five hiking girls met at the National Arboretum last month for a stroll around the grounds. It had been years and years since I was there, and it's definitely worth a trip. It starts at the water gardens by the entrance.

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The Asian gardens had perhaps the best use of bamboo I've seen.

I made several Notes to Self.
This was a delicious combination of ginger and Hosta 'Halcyon.'

Kirengeshoma will get pretty big - I'm glad I have it under the oak tree instead of in the front garden.

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I don't know Hexastylis, but it looks perfect for the shade gardens.

This plumleaf azalea is a native - worth looking into.
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I loved the larkspur blooming among the balloonflower (though mine are just now coming into bud, so the timing might not work - nevertheless, get some larkspurs!)

There were a couple mysteries, too. What is this plant? The fruit left a heavy coating of orange pollen on my fingers.

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And this is something ordinary, I think, but what? Elderberry??

More pix online here. Note the gorgeous lilies, poppies and larkspur by the Herb Garden. Delicious!

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