Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More on the Botanic Gardens

Having Emma with us meant that we could learn about the bee lines on flowers. Here she's showing us the lines visible to us, and explaining that under ultraviolet light we could see the additional lines that are otherwise visible only to the bees.
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Besides the order beds and herbaceous borders, the glasshouses are also of interest. Here is a fascinating carnivorous plant:

And here is the boldly patterned trunk of a tropical tree.
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The vegetable gardens were lush and healthy. Here is a section protected from the birds by netting. Do click on it to see close up how the netting is supported by sticks with clay flowerpots on top.
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And beans with beautifully colored flowers.


Ann said...

Bee lines? Plants that will succeed have them in place to guide bee visitors? Did D observe?

Caroline said...

I don't know that Darwin mentions bee lines, at least not in the books I've read. Will ask Emma more about this tomorrow.