Sunday, July 5, 2009

One week away

Back from the beach after a week away, the following changes had occurred.

The clematis bloomed! I just planted it this spring and did not expect very much. Worried, too, that it would not get enough sun on the trellis. But look!

Ditto the moonflower. My experience has been that it doesn't bloom until late, late summer, but here was a perfect bloom at the end of June. It hasn't bloomed in the week since, but stil...
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And here's a not very good picture of the trellis with its three vines: clematis, moonflower, and the still-not-sure-about akebia. It's very clear that, despite the hostas which I really like in front of the trellis, it could use some socks.

Other changes in that short week are the day lilies in full bloom, as well as the hostas (the mundanes with the ordinary tall purple stalks - though yesterday I spotted a hummingbird feeding on one of them).

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Becky said...

I was wondering, okay worrying, why my moonflower hadn't bloomed yet! Your flowers look lovely!