Tuesday, May 19, 2009


'Sarah Bernhardt' is in full bloom right now, and looks beautiful in a vase with the Love-in-a-mist (nigella) and white campanula from Margaret, who snuck them into the vase on my desk while I was at lunch. What a nice surprise!

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The Susan Hepler peony turned out to be a semi-double creamy white with yellow stamens. Not sure of its name, but it seems to be a Japanese type. Isn't it beautiful? Two blooms this year. The other Hepler peony is modestly holding out till next year.

Now I'm longing for one of the dark reds. Perhaps the side cutting garden is the place for a few peonies. Nelda was telling me that she's had good luck with Gilbert Wild's grab bag of unnamed peonies for a good price. 'Raspberry' Sundae,' 'Sword Dance,' and 'Red Charm' look pretty swell.

Margaret Roach reports on her peonies this year, including more details about Molly the Witch. Apparently the species peonies are a bit touchy to get going, and may even bloom in different colors, but they like shady conditions. I feel sure one would be happy under the oak tree.

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