Sunday, May 3, 2009

What I did on my gardening vacation - Part II

After success at Merrifield, I headed the next day to Colesville, where indeed the prices are cheaper. (But let me say that the plants at Merrifield are unfailingly healthy and abundant, and the whole place is so well maintained that you do get your money's worth.)

There I bought two hydrangeas, "Little Lamb' and 'Annabelle,' a fothergilla, and clethra 'Ruby Spice.' I haven't yet planted any of them because I'm still debating about where to put them.

The clethra might go behind the trellis, where its fragrance will waft over the terrace. One of the hydrangeas will replace the white azaleas, although now that one is in bloom, I remember why I'm so fond of it. Here it is with its potential replacement breathing down its neck.
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The fothergilla - who knows? It has a "low, densely mounded form; leaves blue-green to dark green, turning orange and red in fall, becoming more yellow in shadier sites," according to Pam Duthie. It's also fragrant, allegedly, when its bottlebrush blooms appear, though I didn't find it especially so. Probably this will go in the shrub border along the house.

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