Monday, May 25, 2009

What I loved and what I didn't do

I loved being outside, the fragrance of the honeysuckle drifting around the house on this weekend of clouds and dampness, using every muscle in my legs, arms and back as I wrestled with weeds, moved shrubs, and lifted heavy bags of mulch. Discovered that the boring bees - aka carpenter bees - have drilled a hole in the trellis and wonder whether I should worry about it. Enjoyed the colors and textures of everything I saw. Pleased with the expansion of the oak tree garden, hopeful that the shrub border will really amount to something in another year or so.

But I didn't - yet - prune the azaleas, move the pink azalea, plant the rose, plant one last marsh fern from Martha, edge the walkway garden, clip the columbines, mark the white ones in order to scatter their seed next month, move the wooden edging under the rhododendron to the cutting garden, hang the bird sculpture, dig up the grass and mulch the viburnums, or find some dragonwing begonias. Next time...

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