Sunday, October 24, 2010

Book report

Geoffrey B. Charlesworth came recommended in another gardening book, I forget which one. Although he is (or was?) a rock gardener living in the Berkshires, and therefore much of his advice has to be tempered for drought-ridden Zone 7, his book of essays is a delight. I particularly enjoyed the last three pieces, describing a perfect (gardening) day, a less than ideal day and a third kind of day. His advice to be patient, and his description of the excitement of planning a new bed apply to all gardeners. And his ditty about why your plants have died is a classic:
You walked too close. You trod on it.
You dropped a piece of sod on it.
You hoed it down. You weeded it.
You planted it the wrong way up.
You grew it in a yoghurt cup
But you forgot to make a hole;
The soggy compost took its toll...

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