Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Typical Day

It begins before dawn, which only means about 7:00 because we're so far north. I start the coffee, and after a restorative cup I slip outside to fetch our croissants. The boulangerie is right next door, and Madame helps me sort out the change with a cheerful smile. There's a lot of talking for such a short transaction - Bonjour, madame, Je voudrais deux baguettes, s'il vous plait, merci, madame, au revoir, bonne journee. The croissants are flaky and still warm. We eat them with apricot jam. But being Americans, we can't live for six hours on a single croissant, so we have muesli with "half-skim" (all we could find, and it tastes like cream) and fruit.

Today we're setting off for a walk entitled "From baguette to bistro" which promises to take us to some wonderful cheese, chocolate and butcher shops. We'll have lunch afterwards, maybe purchased from our last stop, and then wander over to the Cluny Museum, stopping at some point for a cup of something at Cafe Deux Magots.

Dinner is planned at l'Absinthe on the Left Bank, but we could just as easily walk around the corner to one of the places we've been to the last few nights. Ahhh...

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