Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Beauties

A few delights from the fall garden this year.

The autumn crocus (colchicum) is bright and cheerful, though I think it does better tucked into corners than right in front of a hydrangea where I put this one.

This is my new favorite, Sedum Sieboldii. Its grayish leaves and sprawling habit make it work well against the stone wall. It gets morning sun, midday shade and then a blast of afternoon sun and seems to be doing fine without full sun.


And this is the dahlia that just goes on and on! The plant itself looks like hell, but it keeps throwing these gorgeous blooms. As God is my witness, I will treat it better next year by putting it in full sun and staking it.
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This aster just appeared in the front garden, and it actually works. One way you know it's a native is that it is absolutely covered with butterflies:
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And this ghostly creature is colchicum autumnale 'Alboplenum.' It's supposed to be elegant and beautiful, but I think it looks dwarfish and creepy.

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