Thursday, October 28, 2010

Food and art

A couple things we've eaten or at least admired. First, the crepes Grand Marnier we had for dessert at Cafe le Nemours.
These are photos from Angelina's, the cafe along Rue de Rivoli that's known for their hot chocolate. It is indeed divine. They also sell all kinds of patisserie, which we merely admired.
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We happened by Ladure, known for their macaroons, but the shop was swarming with so many people that we immediately backed out. Here's a glimpse.
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Yesterday morning we toured the Louvre, using Rick Steves as our guide. It's so overwhelming that his highlights were exactly what we wanted, and all we could endure. Ingres' "Odalisque" struck me because of the warm color of her skin, which does not show up in reproductions. David's immense painting of the coronation of Napoleon is filled with lovely details.

In the afternoon we went to the Orangerie, and the collection of impressionists in an airy space was the perfect complement to the Louvre. Monet's water lilies were the highlight of a collection that includes lots of rosy Renoirs.

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Judy said...

Glad you liked the Odialisque. Creepy but amazing.
What a wonderful time you are having!!