Friday, October 29, 2010

Deyrolle (not for the faint of heart)


Deyrolle, in business since 1831, is the most unusual store I've ever encountered. Downstairs is a collection of high-end gardening supplies, gleaming brass and copper implements, linen shirts and aprons, clay and ceramic pots from "le prince jardinier." (Apparently the current owner is deposed royalty, hence the name.)

But if you look closely, you start to see some oddities here. Climb the winding stairs to the second floor (or first floor, as the French so prettily call it), and you see what this is really all about.


Three or four high-ceilinged rooms are packed with taxidermy. Now, before you shudder, notice how beautiful they are and how well displayed.

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I just can't help myself - the place was so intriguing that I have to show it ALL to you.



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The most unusual of all was this little house made of feathers. It can be yours for 9,000 euros (about $12,535.20).
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We wondered, of course, who buys these things, and Meg told us that they did a brisk business in rentals to movie folk. I guess there are some people who actually buy and keep the animals, too. I wouldn't mind a tray of butterflies myself. And the pig would be darling sprawled out on a divan in the sitting room.

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Ellen Fader said...

I remember that when I returned from Paris, I talked mostly about the amazing shops and their incredibly attractive displays. And how the shop keepers didn't want shoppers to touch anything! I can see from your photos that you are equally taken with the style of it all. I'm having so much fun reading about your explorations.