Sunday, February 13, 2011

All right, have it your way... heard a seal bark.

The landscape changed dramatically, once again, after we left greater Christchurch and came back to the coast. Here is a view of Kaikoura, a beach town known for seals, whale watching and crayfish.



The seals were lying everywhere on the rocks. Walking along was unstable enough that I was concentrating hard on my footing and didn't look up to see where I was going. Suddenly a seal barked at me, and I looked up to see how close I had come. Many apologies and a quick backing off seemed to soothe her.


The limpets were beautiful.
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Farther up the coast, we stopped at Nin's Bin, a little trailer by the side of the road (since 1977) and shared a crayfish.


Just a little farther along, we watched baby seals frolicking in rocky pools. The playfulness of the seals and the swirling of the kelp made a hypnotic picture that we could hardly drag ourselves away from. Except that the sun was scorching the backs of our legs.
I do have a video which I'll post at some point.

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