Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kepler Track Hike

We did this hike after kayaking all morning in the rain. Time to work the lower body! The hike went along a river and reminded me of a lot of Virginia hikes - except for the giant ferns and the unfamiliar birds.

EAP and Ellen at the starting point.

The river was high because of the rain

Hiking through beech and fern

Giant ferns and palms everywhere
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Poisonous mushroom?

The suspension bridge at the end of the hike - Cathy


and Ellen
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Anonymous said...

Amanita Muscaria


Judy said...

These plants make the ones in your garden look quite tame! Since the winter aconite and snowdrops don't know they've been outclassed, they're duking it out for pride of place under the oak tree. Lots of yellow and white buds. You'll be greeted with a nice display when you get home.

Caroline said...

Anonymous - I think you must be right, this is an introduced plant in NZ. Judy - I will be so ready for color at home after all the color here!