Saturday, February 12, 2011

Last hike

Our last day hiking with REI was as beautiful as could be. Spotty internet access means I'll keep it brief.

Mt. Cook, the highest mountain in New Zealand, dominates the landscape from many miles away. We had a great view of it from the sheep station where we were staying. As we got closer, the mountain showed its face.

You know you're in a good place when the bathrooms accommodate your hiking poles.

Ellen, EAP and I chose the Hooker Valley trail rather than the straight up and down, on your hands and knees Mueller Hut Trail.

Here we are, with Sue, at the Alpine Memorial at the start of the trail, a very moving tribute to all the people who have died through falling or avalanches.


Of the two suspension bridges, this was the easier. Still scary.


Here I am going across. EAP claims I was doing labor breathing.

Here's the so-called face of Mt. Cook. See her eyes, and the nose below?

Along the way were many waterfalls, as always in the NZ mountains. A few of them seemed to disappear into the scree.

Our lunch stop was on the banks of Hooker Lake, under the mountain and at the mouth of the glacier. Perfection.

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Judy said...

I myself have always wanted to go across a suspension bridge. Good for you, brave CSp!